Lydia - Devil NMR117


Lydia's "Devil" available on vinyl again for it's 10-year anniversary. Deluxe edition bonus tracks and all new artwork to celebrate.

Packaging Details:
-Heavy 24pt Reverse Board Jackets
-Inserts w/ Lyrics
-Wrap Around Japanese Obi Strips
-Black Inner Sleeves
-Resealable Polybags
-Test Presses w/ Screen Printed Artwork

Side A
1. The Exit
2. Runaway
3. Knee Deep
4. Devil
5. Back To Bed
6. Holidays
7. Hurry Back Tonight

Side B
1. Now I Know
2. Take Your Time
3. From A Tire Swing
4. We'll Never Die
5. Do You Remember
6. What's The Worst That Could Happen?
7. Wish You Well

Pressing Information

100 Half Brown / Half Red (Japanese Obi)
200 Red Marble
200 Clear w/ Red Smoke + Brown Splatter
20 Test Presses w/ Screen Printed Jackets