Southside Hoodlum - Orange Tape NMR077


Hailing from San Antonio, Southside Hoodlum carries on the lineage of Southern rap greats on the woozy and almost psychedelic Orange Tape. Featuring tracks like “Scam” and “Walk In”, which have racked up millions of plays online, Orange Tape moves at a menacing crawl, giving Southside Hoodlum plenty of space to work with. Delivering hard-hitting raps over syrupy melodies and booming 808s, Southside Hoodlum switches from one intoxicating flow to the next without ever breaking a sweat. Above all else, Orange Tape is a testament to the city that raised him, an unforgettable project filled with one trunk-rattling anthem after another.

Southside Hoodlum's "Orange Tape" available on limited edition vinyl exclusively through Near Mint.

Packaging Details:
-Reverse Board Printed Jackets
-Cut at 45rpm
-Japanese Obi Strips
-Resealable Polybags

Pressing Information

100 Purple Glitter (Japanese Obi Strip)
200 Clear w/ Orange Juice
15 Test Presses w/ Alternate Covers