Sherwood - Sherwood EP NMR054


Sherwood's Self Titled Debut EP from 2004 available on vinyl for the first time! Completely remastered from the original mixes by Matt Riefler.

Packaging Details:
- Re-mastered for vinyl by Matt Riefler
- Reverse Board Jackets
- Printed Inner Sleeves
- Japanese Obi Strips

All orders come with a digital download.


  1. The Summer Sends It's Love
  2. Please Wait Up For Me
  3. The Push Game
  4. Pray Forgive Me These Mistakes
  5. Under A Lamp
  6. Anything You Choose
  7. I'll See That You Aren't Woken Up
Pressing Information

100 Orange/Brown A-Side B-Side
200 Clear w/ Orange Smoke
57 Japanese Obi Strips
20 Test Presses w/ Screen Printed Jackets