Mula Kkhan - Inferno 3 NMR052


The third installment of Mula Kkhan's "Inferno" series, full of bangers, and available on limited edition cassettes exclusively through Near Mint.

Packaging Details:
- Double Sided 3-Panel J-Cards
- Ink Imprinted Cassette Shells
- Poly Shrink Wrapped
- Japanese Obi-Strips

All physical orders come with a digital download


  1. Flossin Part 2
  2. Straightfromthedungeon
  3. Parade
  4. Homicide Watch
  5. Livefromthechaos Ft. KruddTheGuru
  6. Get Like Me
  7. New Drop Red Dot
  8. Slide Forever
  9. Bury Me
  10. Safe
  11. OverKill
Pressing Information

27 Clear w/ Purple Ink (Japanese Obi Edition)
33 Orange w/ Purple Ink