The Acid Flashback At Nightmare Beach - Took Too Much NMR040

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The Acid Flashback at Nightmare Beach Took Too Much is the debut album by The Acid Flashback at Nightmare Beach. The album was recorded on an iPhone 8 and a Sony boombox by 21 year-old producer/director/designer Lonny Starsky who later worked with Ryan Wasoba (he produced that Foxing album with the dogs on it) at Bird Cloud Recordings to record live drums and mix the songs.

The topics on the album range from songs about an acid-induced panic attack (It’s Cool) to gender dysphoria brought on by partners (Kick Rocks) to watching Indiana Jones by yourself in a really cold apartment (Toadstool Tearjerker).

“The last few years my mental health has been the thing I’m writing songs about. Just how it affects me and other people. I really struggled to write a happy album at first but I wasn’t happy so it came out really sad and I was frustrated at first but I kept working on the songs and started realizing they were the most honest songs I had ever made. I feel like getting all those feelings out was necessary for me to move on from that really fucked up time in my life. It is the culmination of half a year of sitting on a couch awake all night because you’re afraid to sleep next to the person you live with.” - Lonny Starsky

Each order includes:
- Double sided 3-panel, heavy weight j-cards
- Poly shrink wrapped
- Digital download

T-shirts are forest green w/ glow in the dark ink!


  1. It's Cool
  2. Kick Rocks
  3. Owen Wilson
  4. Goodnight Nobody
  5. Turaga Vakama
  6. Dragon Balls
  7. Calling Shenanigans
  8. Seahorse Blues-Happy Place
  9. Moonwalking Champion
  10. Toadstool Tearjerker
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