Sirius Blvck - Moon Talk EP NMR039

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Sirius Blvck returns to Near Mint for the release of his latest phenomenal effort, Moon Talk. Coming only a few short months after the release of his Major Threat LP, Moon Talk at once builds on the themes established on that album and treads new ground completely. Sirius Blvck’s pop sensibilities shine on Moon Talk, but not at the expense of the lyricism you’ve come to expect from the Indianapolis emcee. Offering up lush textures, radio-worthy hooks, and mic skill to spare, Moon Talk is a dense and rewarding listen that sees Sirius Blvck plunging full steam ahead off the beaten path.

- Limited edition one-time press on 12" vinyl.
- Matte Jackets w/ insert
- T-shirts are a pre-order exclusive / limited edition
- Artwork and Layout by Corey Purvis

All physical orders include a digital download.


  1. S O L O
  3. WOAH!
  4. FLOAT
  6. OOEY GOOEY (Bonus Track)
Pressing Information

146 Clear w/ Green Color In Color
104 Clear w/ Purple Color In Color (Melodically Deaf Exclusive)
17 Test Presses w/ Screen Printed Jackets (Glow In The Dark)