flatsound - sleep NMR032


Flatsound has been creating artwork of various forms for a decade, and if you're aware of his work, it shows. Without the help of a label for years (minus Near Mint, we're lucky), Mitch has created his own smooth sailing brand/aesthetic through which he gets to work on full time and share his artwork with the world. Writing, photography, and design are a few of his skills worth mentioning on top of his music - which in itself has enough charm to win over any fan of lo-fi, warm, fuzzy acoustic-driven tracks that feel vulnerable. If that's not enough, he also engineers, mixes, and masters all of his own music - on top of designing all of the artwork.

So here we bring you his cult-classic LP "Sleep" on cassette for the first time since 2012. And to keep up with Flatsound's astonishing detail and quality of their physical merch, we made sure to go above and beyond on every aspect for this tape. The art is true to the original press, but this time around the j-cards are printed on extra heavy weight card stock with 2 new color variants.

Each order includes:
- Double sided 4-panel, heavy weight j-cards
- Poly shrink wrapped w/ Sticker
- Digital download


  1. sleep
  2. if you love me, come clean
  3. summer or spring
  4. you are the coffin
  5. don't call me at all
  6. to see you alive
  7. it's thursday, january 12th and this is the last time i'll talk about drowning
  8. on the porch of a home built in 1943
  9. you know how to make a boy feel warm
  10. you know how to make a man feel useless
  11. lillian
  12. consciousness
  13. we'll hope for a good day
  14. i don't remember you (bonus track)
  15. kurtis, hunter, hemingway (bonus track)
Pressing Information

First Press
33 Bronze w/ White Ink
76 Clear w/ Metallic Gold Ink

Second Press
31 Smoky Tint w/ Metallic Gold Ink
78 White w/ Metallic Gold Ink