Snow Roller - Y2K NMR036


Growing up sucks. Y2K, the Portland, OR trio’s newest release, out on September 28th, finds Snow Roller shaping up and paring down. The eleven-song collection abandons the guitar theatrics of previous releases XXL and What’s the Score and pares the group down to just simple guitar, bass and drums. Their Teenage Cool Kids-meets-Built To Spill sound has devolved into a skeletal pop reminiscent of Silkworm or early Breeders.

Y2K rests in a bed of mid-20’s malaise, like XXL and What’s The Score before it, but spends more time reflecting on the growing pains instead of reveling in them. “Pushed” opens the album with a meditation on mortality and self. Frontman Collin Kritz watches lives come and go, both metaphorically and literally, as aspirations fail and bodies break. Newcomer Sarah Hall adds a melodic heft in her bass work and counterpoints Kritz’s snarl with her harmonies. Drummer Nathan Tucker and Hall lock into a primal lockstep a la Chicago rock titans Shellac or maybe even Don Caballero if they played a fraction of the notes.

This is a co-release with Slang Church.


  1. Pushed
  2. Kings Of Hartford
  3. Bus 23
  4. Terminal Laundry
  5. Window
  6. Oak Tree
  7. Mr. Longo
  8. Bassett Hound
  9. Bar Mitzvah
  10. Wear And Tear
  11. Path Of Long Resistance
Pressing Information

150 Purple Marble (Near Mint Exclusive)
100 Black (Slang Church Exclusive)
16 Test Presses w/ Screen Printed Jackets

16 Clear w/ Black Liner w/ White Ink
36 Opaque Purple w/ White Ink