I Kill Giants - S/T NMR033


In celebration of its fifth anniversary, I Kill Giants' debut, self-titled LP is returning to vinyl with remastered audio for the format courtesy of Zach Weeks. As a collection (pun intended) of tracks that veer off into wild, unpredictable directions nursed to life by Northeast DIY while maintaining a danceable, melodic backbone, it's a success. As a predictor of what would come next from the band's members after IKG's dissolution in 2014 — the bouncy sizzle of Great Grandpa, the mathy jazz-rock of Really From and H A U N T E R, among other adventures — it's a stepping stone. And like any stepping stone, it rocks.

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  1. Traveler
  2. Larry Jr.
  3. Calendar
  4. Part 1 - Part 2
  5. Pigskins
  6. Lucky Shirt
  7. Collector
  8. Windmills
  9. Part 3
  10. Boys of Bummer
Pressing Information

245 Mint Green / Clear Half And Half (Near Mint Exclusive)
243 Baby Blue / Clear Half And Half (Dog Knights Exclusive)
15 Test Presses w/ Screen Printed Jackets (Yellow w/ Gold Ink)
25 Screen Printed Jackets (Baby Pink w/ Hot Pink Ink)
35 Screen Printed Jackets (Easter Yellow w/ Mint Green Ink)