Snow Roller - XXL NMR027


"Rambo: First Blood is too sincere, but when you get to Rambo: First Blood Part II, that's when it gets good." Like any movie sequel worth its salt, Collin Kritz knows what narrative threads to continue untangling with Snow Roller and which to leave behind. In many ways, XXL offers the same locked-in, smoked-out approaches to 90s college rock revivalism practiced on their debut What's the Score?, but with less of a wink and more a nudge in a new direction. Songs like "Man-Child" simmer and stab, while "The Scott Warner Discount" nests its aggression in apathy. Herein lies the spectrum that this Portland three-piece volleys between: slouching and standing up for their own future foibles. And that's worth a repeat adventure in itself.

Pressing Information

100 Mint Green/Deep Purple A Side/B Side (Near Mint Exclusive)
100 Red Marble (Making New Enemies Exclusive)
100 Milky Clear w/ Green, Purple and White Splatter (Snow Roller Exclusive)