Grady Philip Drugg - S/T NMR020

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Grady Philip Drugg was given a four-track recorder by his girlfriend and wrote a dozen songs in fourteen days. Does the result speak to this gift? Sometimes. Songs like "If You Love Her" and "Nonbeliever" ooze with timeless pop zest, the latter boosted from a nostalgic keyboard swirl. Other times, no.

While not a united sequence of tracks rather than a genre-inclusive meddling, this Texan native barrels his guitar away from any dry spells with a classic-rock whine on the smoldering "Whatever, Dude" and then bookends the experience with light jangle-pop flirtations and a lo-fi acoustic take. There's something for everyone here, and for once, fitting all your fancies on one release isn't a detriment, but a delight.


  1. Coconut Water
  2. Nonbeliever
  3. Who Can Really Say
  4. If You Love Her
  5. Great
  6. Calvin's Truck
  7. Wide Eyed
  8. I'm Hiding Away From Your Love
  9. Stick It Out (Hold On)
  10. Liar
  11. Whatever, Dude
  12. Agua De Coco
Pressing Information

26 Lime Green w/ White Ink
31 Royal Blue w/ White Ink