Broken Beak - Curse Burner NMR008

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Broken Beak's earlier releases showcase a loose conceptual arc with music that is arguably even more untangled by lo-fi hiss. At times straightforward acoustic arrangements, at times folkier flirtations, the latest notch in the project's belt, Curse Burner, is no exception. Recorded by Jake Ewald of Modern Baseball at Drexel University and featuring Roya Weidman, this release is the perfect introduction to this Philadelphia outfit's headspace and larger goals. Broken Beak -- originally the solo work of Beau Brynes -- expects to release an album in 2016 with a full band.

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  1. Book of Smoke
  2. Curse Burner
  3. Tantrum
  4. Two Hands
Pressing Information

27 White w/ Black Ink
33 Red w/ Black Ink