Stove God Cooks - Reasonable Drought NMR051

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Stove God Cooks' 2020 masterpiece available on cassette for the first time!

Packaging Details:
- Double Sided 3-Panel J-Cards
- Ink Imprinted Cassette Shells
- Japanese Obi-Strips
- Poly Shrink Wrapped


  1. Rolls Royce Break Light
  2. Bread Of Life
  3. Crosses
  4. Break The Pyrex
  5. Money Puddles
  6. Jim Boehiem
  7. Burt & State
  8. Gloria BlementeĢ
  9. Lava Lamp
  10. John $tarks
  11. Cocaine Cologne
  12. Balenciaga $tamp
Pressing Information

13 Cocaine White w/ Red Ink (Japanese Obi Strip)
36 Pyrex Clear w/ Red Ink (Japanese Obi Strip)
57 Lava Red w/ White Ink