She/Her - Marigold NMR030


All cassette orders will have 100% of their proceeds donated to the Transgender Law Center.

As the debut EP from Chicago’s She/Her, Marigold is alert and honest, much like it’s blooming namesake. But besides the anthemic bookends that frame the experience - both opener “Locust Street” and “Wake” burst after a post-rock lift - there’s vulnerability on display that is both harrowing and translatable. Take “Chisel,” one of the poignant narratives vocalist/guitarist Andrea Villanueva anchors to her experiences as a trans woman of color. As the chords and percussion - performed by Roday Delas - promise steady ground, her incisive verses seem to equal the opposite. This merging of the uneven and the hopeful is where She/Her operates best, ringing with clarity at the intersection of identity and a brighter tomorrow.

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Artwork and Layout by Corey Purvis. Photograph by Olli Guzman.

Pressing Information

21 Clear w/ Pink Ink
33 Black w/ Purple Ink