Broken Beak

Broken Beak is the creative child of Philadelphia artist Beau Brynes. Normally known for his visual work on album art for everyone from Have Mercy to Weatherbox, his scene presence is known, but not necessarily from behind a microphone. Now armed with a full band of close friends, Brynes can let his lyricism, spellbound and character-driven in its storytelling, be amplified -- both in instrumentation and intent -- to a wider audience.

Couple that mission with a set of songs just shown to his bandmates days before the four-piece is slated to record with Modern Baseball's Jake Ewald and herein lies a perfect mix of urgency and collaborative pressure. For a project that initially gained its moniker from the rupture a bird's facial feature can endure from the elements, this process makes the most sense, and best occupies Brynes' songwriting space: it's busy, and it's pure, but it's not afraid to explode.